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1.  Does St. Paul’s rent out the church for weddings?

St. Paul’s tries to accommodate all reasonable requests regarding weddings.   

2.  Can we use our own minister?

Only the Pastor from St. Paul’s or an ordained UMC minister approved by the St. Paul’s Pastor can perform wedding ceremonies at St. Paul’s.

3.  Does St. Paul’s give tours to groups?

We LOVE to give tours of our church to groups.  All we ask is that you pre-arrange your visit.  The church is not open at all times.

4.  Is your Food Pantry open to everyone?

We wish we could help everyone who comes to us with a need but we can’t.  Our Food Pantry is open to those living in the vicinity of the church.  You may also visit or call the Northern Indiana Food Bank.

5.  Can you help with my utilities or rent?

Again, we wish we could help everyone who comes to us with a need but we can’t.  We don’t give out money but you can contact the following agencies to see if they can:

The Salvation Army

United Way of St. Joseph County

Real Services

St. Vincent Depaul

Come visit anytime!

Worship: 11:00 am

Sunday School: 10:00 am

Office Hours:

Tuesday and Friday

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Please call the church office

for an appointment

(574) 234-6940

Pastor Tom Thews (

Vickie Perkins -  Secretary (

Joe Lightner - Organist (joe@thepcdoc.doc)

Jerry Aufrance - Maintenance (

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